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blockchain life

On April 23-24 more than 3000 attendees from 70 countries gathered in the world’s blockchain capital — Singapore. Top crypto companies (Binance, Huobi, Listing.Help, crypto messenger ELVN and others), world famous experts (Tim Draper, Roger Ver, Alex Reinhardt and others), mining giants (Bitmain,, representatives of key cryptocurrencies (Litecoin, Dash, Cardano, Neo and others) gave […]

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fin foundation

April 2019, Burgas, Bulgaria – Fin Foundation allows crypto holders to pay for petrol in crypto and get discounts in price. Oil and gas companies have recently become interested in the Fin Foundation project, because for them it is an opportunity to attract a new audience (e.g. cryptoholders) to gas stations. One of the biggest South Korean oil […]

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Bitcoin is still the favorite cryptocurrency for criminals. This is despite the springing up of more than 2,000 cryptos, with some like Monero and Zcash hinging on privacy. However, the crypto king still dominates criminal activity by over 95 percent. In an interview with Fortune, the co-founder and COO of Chainalysis Jonathan Levin stated: Bitcoin […]

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April, 2019, London, UK – The Panxora Group, a cryptocurrency consortium, today announces the launch of its ICO Treasury Management Service (TMS). The TMS helps founders manage the capital raised through token generation events to ensure that it is preserved from the volatility of cryptocurrency and can support business growth. Recent research has shown that over half […]

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A bit of bearish momentum seemed to affect most of the cryptocurrency markets yesterday afternoon and evening. Roughly 24 hours later, and all of those woes are well behind us. The Bitcoin price is moving up once again and has already reclaimed the $5,500 level without any problems. This offers some short-term hope for speculators […]

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In the cryptocurrency industry, most of the trading occurs on exchanges. Or at least, that is what the overall statistics would indicate. Since coin-tracking sites do not keep tabs on OTC, P2P, or other types of non-centralized trading, there is a lot more to this industry than meets the eye at first. Add in the […]

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NEW YORK, April 25, 2019 – DEXON, the latest distributed ledger technology solving the blockchain trilemma, today announced the launch of its mainnet with the participation of businesses including Gemstra, simplyBrand, Ledger, and KHAM. A new brand identity and a revamped global website are also unveiled today to reflect DEXON Foundation’s long-held commitment to building […]

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TheMerkle 3D Printed Patch Heals Heart Tissue

Scientists around the world are constantly looking to explore the boundaries of new technologies. A new experiment has allowed a team of enthusiasts to successfully create a new autonomous robotic device. The purpose of this new tool is to explore a pig’s heart while it is beating. Although that might not be a major selling […]

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NulLTX Altcoins Few Transactions

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts often keep tabs on different statistics to determine how the industry is evolving. Ever individual ecosystem has its own setbacks and advantages, although most of the attention still revolves around Bitcoin first and foremost. When it comes to the overall number of daily Bitcoin transactions, it would appear the world’s leading cryptocurrency is […]

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NullTX Binance Coin price 17

As most of the cryptocurrency markets are still subject to a lot of bearish pressure, it quickly becomes apparent things are not necessarily evolving like traders would like it to. Most of the markets still deal with big losses, whereas the Binance Coin price is trying to make some sort of a comeback. How successful […]

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