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NullTX Ethereum Price Sideways

After what sees to be a brief bearish dip, most of the markets are on the mend once again. It was to be expected a minor correction would kick in after all of the positive momentum in recent weeks. For the time being, the Ethereum price remains below $150, but that may not necessarily be […]

The post Ethereum Price Resumes Bullish Trend as $150 Remains in Sight appeared first on NullTX.

TheMerkle Litecoin Price Shredded

Today has proven to be a very different day for trading cryptocurrencies. Yesterday seemed to be very bullish, whereas today is a lot more bearish for the majority of the top markets. The Litecoin price is still going quite strong, especially because it has finally surpassed the $50 barrier without too many problems. Can the […]

The post Litecoin Price Surpasses $50 as Bulls Pull the Strings appeared first on NullTX.

bitcoin price whale

BTC gains 7% in the last 24 hours Price breaks resistance level to achieve new high of 4000 New support levels set at 3760 After a period of consolidation, Bitcoin price finally managed to breach the resistance level of 3700 to achieve new highs and set new support levels. For a couple of days, BTCUSD […]

The post Bitcoin Price Analysis – BTCUSD Rallies to Achieve New High in the Last 24 Hours appeared first on NullTX.

eos price

In the cryptocurrency world, it quickly becomes evident the overall momentum does not necessarily dictate the pace for all individual markets. Although Bitcoin is seemingly stuck in sideways trading right now, the EOS price is moving up pretty quickly. With another 7.5% gain in the bag, the push to $4 is seemingly still in progress […]

The post EOS Price Surge Heads to $4 as Trading Volume Continues to Increase appeared first on NullTX.

The Binance exchange is the biggest crypto trading platform in the world today. This is primarily because of its variety of markets, but also the professional service users can benefit from. For some users, however, it appears as if the recent BTT distribution has caused some friction. Sending BTT to the Wrong Users It is […]

The post Binance Asks Users to Give Back Erroneously Credited BitTorrent Token Balances appeared first on NullTX.

NullTX ELectroneum price Rise

In the cryptocurrency world, it is always difficult to determine how markets will evolve. While the momentum is positive, most markets tend to follow the overall trend. With a bit of bearish pressure, most projects are declining rapidly. The Electroneum price, on the other hand, is trying to move up again and reclaim its spot […]

The post Electroneum Price Moves up as 200 Satoshi Remains the Primary Target appeared first on NullTX.

vechain dapps

Although the past few days have been rather bullish for most cryptocurrencies, it quickly became obvious that momentum would not last for very long. In the case of VeChain, it seems things are heading in the wrong direction following some bearish momentum. So much even that the VeChain price is on its way to potentially […]

The post VeChain Price Goes in the red Despite RAI1 TV Exposure appeared first on NullTX.

By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex The ETH is rising on Tue, Feb 19, trading at around $147.19. The ascending trend broke out the resistance and reached 76%, now the coin may bounce back to $137.20 in the short term, and then target the major high at $160.44. On H1, the Stochastic formed a […]

The post Ether to Have Dealt with the Major Crypto Issue appeared first on NullTX.

Anyone who might question the continued growth of the online gambling industry has surely been living under a rock. The reality is this industry is one of the fastest growing industries on the Internet. In light of this massive expansion that’s spanning the entire globe, there’s a number of issues with which every nation is […]

The post Gambling with Cryptocurrency: Is it legal? appeared first on NullTX.

NulLTX Dogecoin Price BTC Gains

As the hourly cryptocurrency charts show minor signs of weakness, some currencies will dip in the red pretty quickly. Dogecoin is one of the first to do so, which may come as a surprise to a lot of people. Although the losses are not even all that significant, the Dogecoin price is slowly turning bearish. […]

The post Dogecoin Price Faces Bearish Pressure in the DOGE/BTC Segment appeared first on NullTX.

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